Our services



Packaging is in our DNA

It is our history, the activity that has allowed us to make ourselves known and appreciated for the quality and reliability of our products.


Experience, constant research and continuous market analysis allow us to offer an extremely wide range of fully customizable products and solutions.


We are a group with international experience with a common goal: to support with our skills brands along the entire path that leads the products to the consumer.


Listening, collaboration, transparency, commitment, innovation, respect for people and the environment: these are the principles on which we operate and we want to share, inside and outside the group

Analysis and Design

From the characteristics of the product and customer’s needs, our packaging designers are able to design, prototype and develop customized packaging solutions.


Prototype has the objective of replicating, as much as possible, the final experience of interacting with the product, in order to test and validate all the design choices.


For a significant reduction in CO2 emissions generated by transport, we support a logic of a short customer-supplier chain, which also allows us to promptly reintroduce processing waste into the supplier’s recycling process

Sustainable Storytelling

EPS Group focuses on finding new solutions in line with sustainable business models and is committed to working for a circular economy in the packaging sector.

Productive process

The production is carefully followed in the various phases to guarantee the quality of the raw material, the quality of the printed material and delivery times.

Customer service

Our staff offers a customer assistance service able to respond with professionalism and courtesy to the needs of customers.