Certifications and Sustainability

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

FSC promotes environmentally friendly, socially useful and economically sustainable forest management throughout the world. The good management of the forest heritage is promoted through a voluntary, independent and third-party certification system, valid worldwide and specific for the forest sector and wood products, in which various subjects are involved.
Chain of Custody (CoC) certification guarantees that the raw materials used to make a product come from FSC certified forests. For EPS GROUP this certification, achieved in 2014 after a long phase of study and analysis, represents a great result that demonstrates our concrete commitment to protecting and safeguarding forests and the environment. For our customers it represents an important opportunity to convey their own brand and products, demonstrating true attention to the environment and a certified "green" sensitivity.

Quality assurance

The Quality Management System (QMS) consists of a structured set of responsibilities and defined resources, management procedures, operating practices, documents and records to rationalize internal processes, trying to better manage the activities carried out, to reduce waste and inefficiencies, in compliance with the international reference standard UNI EN ISO9001.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

EPS GROUP has always been committed to Quality: our mission is to always guarantee a high quality standard of both product and service to our customers. This particular attention to quality is proudly demonstrated by the achievement and maintenance of the ISO 9001 company certification.
UNI EN ISO 9001 is in fact a set of guidelines, taken internationally, which allows certified companies to be able to ensure their customers a series of controlled and guaranteed internal quality management and production procedures.